Icon Carpets  supplies Texlyweave solutions for a range of commercial and residential projects to provide your clients with a long term versatile, attractive and durable solution for any flooring needs.

Texlyweave is solution dyed, meaning that the colour is created in the solution before the fibres are extruded. Thus the colour is solid throughout all the fibres and yarns, giving unsurpassed colour life against fading.

Texlyweave is an innovative woven PVC cushion backed product with 34 different patterns.

Texlyweave was used by the Australian Government throughout their pavilion at the Shanghai Expo in 2010.  Over 4 million people walked on Texlyweave for the six months of the Expo and it showed no signs of wear.

Texlyweave is solution dyed and the design and colour options represent the latest styling concepts.  Texlyweave is incredibly durable and resistant to heavy traffic.  Ideal for high use areas where visual appeal is equally as important as the longevity of the materials.  It carries an R10 slip rating.



textly_classification.jpg EN 685 33 heavy commercial applications Impact Noise
Textly-Impact-noise.gif EN ISO 140-8 LW=22
Colour Fastness
to light
Textly-colour.gif EN ISO 105-B02 >6 Resistance
to Stains
Textly-stain.gif En 423 Rating 0 No Effect
(Highest Grade)
Fire Classification Textly-fire.gif ISO 9239.1 2002 CRF 4.64 KW/sqm
Smoke Development
Rate 249.45% min
Thickness Textly-thickness.gif En 428 4.0mm
Body Voltage Textly-voltage.gif ISO 6356 <2Kv Roll Length Textly-length En 426 Average 20-30m
Castor Chair
Textly-castors.gif EN 985 continuous use Roll Width Textly-width.gif EN 426 2m
Slip Resistance Textly-slip.gif AS/NZS 4586:2004 Appendix A Wet Pendulum-X
Appendix B Oil - Wet Ramp -R10
Roll Weight Textly-weight.gif EN 430 2kg +- 0.1kg
Dimensional Stability Textly-Dimension.gif ISO 2551 >0.33